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joint sealling system

Ksh 16000 per roll

Joint sealing system

Concrete Joint Sealing Systems : PVC tapes, provide an active solution to sealing joints within basement construction and leaks, should they occur, are often associated […]

masterseal 550

Ksh 6300 per 20kg

MasterSeal 550

The MasterSeal portfolio of hand and spray-applied waterproofing products are formulated to stop water leakages and moisture ingression in a variety of new and existing […]

1 masterkure 107

Ksh 60320 per 210l

MasterKure 107

MasterKure 107 is a solvent free, membrane forming wax emulsion, suitable for spray application to freshly poured concrete. The resultant film retains sufficient moisture in […]

MasterTop 528

Ksh 3770 per 25 kg

MasterTop 528

MasterTop 528 is a self-smoothing, cementitious, non-structural, floor underlayment for use over poured in-situ and precast concrete floors which will be covered by resin overlays, […]

masterflow 928

Ksh 3000 per 25kg

MasterFlow 928

MasterFlow 928 is a ready to use product in powder form, which requires only the on-site addition of water to produce a non-shrink grout of […]

masterbrace 1

Ksh 3900per 3kg

MasterBrace ADH 2200

Is a solvent free, high performance, non-slumping epoxy mortar and adhesive. Can be used as a bedding mortar, thixotropic adhesive and non-sag concrete repair mortar.

master seal 501

Ksh 12,800.00

Master Seal 501

MasterSeal 501 is the most concentrated form within the BASF crystalline waterproofing system and contains the maximum amount of specialist catalysts. MasterSeal 501 can be […]

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