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4thJ C.P.S RedCar

Ksh 125,000.00

Shade Systems (E.A) LTD – Parking Shades, Ports &Canopies

July 4, 2014

The best car parking shades, ports and canopies can only be supplied by the best in the industry. Different types of tents are also available […]

3rdJ C.P.S Tent

Ksh 135,000.00

Car Parking Shade Tents @ Shade Systems E.A LTD

July 3, 2014

Protects your car from excessive sunlight and acidic rain. Call: 0733148048 020-249-3036

3rdJ C.P.S Parchment

Ksh 125,000.00

Car Parking Shade Tent by Shade Systems E.A LTD

July 3, 2014

Parchment in color parking shade tent that ensures your cars are protected from excessive sunlight. Call: 0733148048 0202493036

3rdJ C.P.S Gren

Ksh 90,000.00

Car Parking Port, Shades, Tents at Shade Systems E.A LTD

Get our quality made parking shades, ports, canopies and all kinds of tents at discounted prices. Call: 0733148048 020-249-3036

3rdJ C.P.SafSana

Ksh 91,000.00

Car Parking Ports, Canopies Shades @ Shade Systems E.A LTD

July 3, 2014

Getting into a hot car on a sweltering day can feel like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Sunshades can be godsend on […]


Ksh 0


July 3, 2014

SUPERB OPPORTUNITY!!, we offer a wide range of Drilling Machine (New / Used) for drilling water, Mining Explorations and other special stains. Our machines are […]

1stJ C.P.S LightBlu

Ksh 90,000.00

Car Parking Shade Tents @Shade Systems E.A LTD

Looking for a best quality parking shade tent to protect your car from excessive sun-light or rain? This light-blue in color is the solution for […]

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