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10thJ C.P.S TentCycle

Ksh 0

Parking Shade Tents @ Shade Systems (E.A) LTD

July 10, 2014

Provides cool shade for your motorcycles, tractors and cars during the hot sunny days. Order by Calling: 0733148048 020-249-3036

9thJ C.P.S Twin

Ksh 90,000.00

Cars Parking Canopies, Shades, Ports @Shade Systems (E.A) LTD

Are you looking for parking shade canopy to protect your lovely car at home from excessive sunlight? We got the solution. Call us on: 0733148048 […]

9thJ C.P.S TomatoRed

Ksh 125,000.00

Modern Car Shades, Ports and Canopies by Shade Systems (E.A) Ltd

We sell, install and supply modern car parking shades, ports and canopies to protect your car(s) from high humidity and high temperatures. Different colors, sizes […]

8thJ E.Cover Tractor

Ksh 0

Quality Tractor Cover Tents by Shade Systems (E.A) LTD

Tractor Covers protect your investment from the damaging outside elements and prolongs the life of the tractor. Order by calling: 0733148048 020-249-3036

8thJ C.P.S 2Cars

Ksh 124,000.00

Car Parking Shades Ports @ Shade Systems E.A LTD

We pride ourselves in providing quality parking shade products for your lovely car(s). Contact us for more info: 0714244242 020-249-3036

8thJ C.P.SailCream

Ksh 125,000.00

Car Parking Shade Sails @Shade Systems (E.A) LTD

Shade Sails are made from UV stabilized high density polyethylene HDPE thus able to protect your vehicles from UV degradation. Call: 0733148048 020-249-3036

8thJ C.P.SpruceGren

Ksh 90,000.00

Affordable Car Parking Shades @Shade Systems E.A LTD

We have affordable parking shades for one, two or more vehicles of waterproof (100%) and non-waterproof (90%) shade net material for our precious clients. Call: […]

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