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3rdJ C.P.SafSana

Ksh 91,000.00

Car Parking Ports, Canopies Shades @ Shade Systems E.A LTD

July 3, 2014

Getting into a hot car on a sweltering day can feel like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Sunshades can be godsend on […]


Ksh 0


July 3, 2014

SUPERB OPPORTUNITY!!, we offer a wide range of Drilling Machine (New / Used) for drilling water, Mining Explorations and other special stains. Our machines are […]

1stJ C.P.S LightBlu

Ksh 90,000.00

Car Parking Shade Tents @Shade Systems E.A LTD

Looking for a best quality parking shade tent to protect your car from excessive sun-light or rain? This light-blue in color is the solution for […]

1stJ C.P.S White

Ksh 110,000.00

Paking Canopies, Tents, Ports Shades @Shade Systems E.A LTD

July 1, 2014

High quality car(s) parking canopies, tents, ports and shades for all your parking needs. Call: 0733148048 0202493036

1stJ C.P.Sails

Ksh 155,000.00

Car Parking Shade Sails by Shade Systems E.A LTD

July 1, 2014

Strongly fitted using aluminum poles. Call: 0733148048 020-249-3036

1stJ C.P.SilverGrey

Ksh 90,000.00

Car Parking Shades, Ports Tents @ Shade Systems E.A LTD

July 1, 2014

Get good parking shades, ports and tents all under one roof at discounted prices by calling: 0733148048 0202493036

30thJ C.P.S Tent

Ksh 92,000.00

Car Parking Tent @Shade Systems E.A LTD

This quality made parking shade tent protects your lovely car from harmful effects of the sun. Call: 0733148048 0202493036

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