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Candy washing machine repair in nairobi

Ksh 1000 diagnosis

Washing Machine repair in Nairobi 0725570499 Washing Machine repair in Nair...

HomeFixIt offers washing machine repair, installation, maintenance, upgrading, fixing, cleaning, diagnosis in Nairobi. For more information visit www.machinerepairnairobi.com or www.washingmachinerepairnairobi.com Some of the problems we’ve […]

borehole drilling in Nairobi

Ksh Variable

Borehole drilling in Nairobi 0732394282 Borehole drilling in kenya

For borehole drilling services contact us on 0732394382. Cost of drilling depends of factors such as (a) Drilling of a borehole 8″dia up to 100 […]

fridge repair in nairobi http://machinerepairnairobi.com/

Ksh 1000 diagnosis

Fridge gas refilling in Nairobi 0725570499 Fridge repair services in Nairob...

FRIDGE REPAIR IN NAIROBI, FREEZER REPAIR, REFRIGERATOR REPAIR SERVICES. Fridge gas refilling in Nairobi, for more information visit www.machinereparnairobi.com HomeFixIt is out to offer you […]

fridge repair in nairobi gas refilling

Ksh 1000 diagnosis

Fridge repair in Nairobi 0725570499 Fridge gas refilling in Nairobi

July 13, 2017

FRIDGE REPAIR IN NAIROBI, FREEZER REPAIR, REFRIGERATOR MAINTENANCE For more information visit www.machinerepairnairobi.com HomeFixIt is out to offer you quality services in home appliance installation, […]

washing machine cooker oven treadmill repAIR in nairobi

Ksh Negotiable

Used appliances for sale in Nairobi 0710646568 second hand and ex-uk | ex u...

If you looking for used washing machine, cooker, oven, dryer, treadmill in Nairobi that is in a good working condition with a warranty then you […]

treadmill repair in nairobi astracorptechnology.com

Ksh 1000 diagnosis

Treadmill repair in Nairobi 0725570499 Treadmill repair in Nairobi

Gym, fitness and exercise equipment repair in Nairobi installation assembly maintenance servicing. We service: Treadmill, Elliptical bike, Exercise Bikes, Steppers, Rowing Machines, stationery bikes, Gyms, […]

water dispenser repair in Nairobi http://machinerepairnairobi.com/

Ksh 1000 diagnosis

Water dispenser repair in nairobi 0725570499 machinerepairnairobi.com

Water dispenser repair services in Nairobi HomeFixIt Specializes in water dispenser installation, repair and maintenance for more information visit http://machinerepairnairobi.com/ We solve problems like – […]

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