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Ksh 999.00

Epoxy Resin Curing Agents

We sell and supply high functionality curing agents for epoxy formulators for use in concrete coatings, metal coatings, adhesive and composite applications.Call us on 0774299636 […]

Ksh 599.00

EuroFix Grout

We sell and supply premium, water resistant, easy to apply,smooth finish tile,marble and granite joint filler available in different colours for only 200 ksh per […]

Ksh 599.00

Retaining Walls Waterproofing

We are the best market experts in retaining walls waterproofing,preventing their weakening because of dampness and hydrostatic pressure.Call us on 0774299636 for a free quotation […]

Ksh 1,100.00

Sika Boom(Sealant)

We sell and supply Sika Boom,a multipurpose high yield polyurethane adhesive foam for fixing,insulating and filling connection joints.Call us on 0774299636 to order.

Ksh 250.00

Sika Tile Grout

We sell and supply tile grout that is non-shrink,easy to apply and is available in different colours at only 250ksh for 3kg.Call us on 0774299636 […]

Ksh 999.00

Ballast/Construction Stones/Sand

We sell,supply and transport sand,ballast and construction stones anywhere in Kenya at a friendly price.Contact us to get a free quotation today.

Ksh 999.00

FibreGlass Waterproofing

We are the market leaders in fibreglass waterproofing for flat roofs that leak and with cracks transforming them into a fully waterproof seamless finish.Contact 0774299636 […]

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