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Ksh 999.00

Ballast/Construction Stones/Sand

We sell,supply and transport sand,ballast and construction stones anywhere in Kenya at a friendly price.Contact us to get a free quotation today.

Ksh 999.00

FibreGlass Waterproofing

We are the market leaders in fibreglass waterproofing for flat roofs that leak and with cracks transforming them into a fully waterproof seamless finish.Contact 0774299636 […]

Ksh 999.00

Grinding Aids

We sell and supply grinding aids that highly improve grinding efficiency of the ball mill.Increases mill output and decreases power consumption.Call us on 0774299636 for […]

Ksh 599.00

Plastic Gutters

We sell and install plastic non-rust and non-toxic gutters that are highly durable for homes,businesses,industries,e.t.c.Order on 0774299636 today!

Ksh 22,800.00

Sika Waterbar Rolls

We sell and supply quality Sika Waterbar rolls specially designed for sealing construction and expansion joints when cast in concrete.Call us on 0774299636 to order […]

Ksh 63.00


We sell and supply a comprehensive range of bitumen and bitumen emulsions, ranging from standard penetration grade bitumen through to the full range of oxidized […]

Ksh 999.00

Road Marking Paints

We sell and supply a comprehensive range of high build,quick drying line marking paints,suitable for marking roads,warehouse floors,runways,schools,e.t.c.Order today on 0774299636.

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