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Kenya’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of environment friendly paper bags and sacks enriched with consistent quality and value.0722 916 632 | 0722 916 627


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Eco-friendly Gift bags in Kenya

AVOID PLASTICS and use ECO-FRIENDLY BAGS. GIFT BAGS Plastic bags tend to disrupt the environment in a serious way. They get into soil and slowly […]


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Flat Paper Handle Carrier Bags

Customers prefer our flat handle bags for their ease of use, quality and most impotantly, their reusability. With a load strength of up to 3kg, […]


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Wholesale Ecobags, Paperbags In Kenya

Paper bags can biodegrade in a matter of weeks, and can also go into compost or yard waste piles or the recycling bin. Of course, […]

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Biodegradable Packaging Products

As per the government recommendation, we should eliminate single use plastic bags from the market as well as from the environment . non woven bags, […]


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Non plastic bags in nairobi Kenya

August plastic bag ban is real. Do not be left behind with products that degrade our surroundings. Now for these environmentally friendly bags.. call us […]


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Grease proof bags Nairobi Kenya

Grease proof bags have many uses, they are Ideal for hot chips, wedges, potato gems and other fried foods, Greaseproof lined paper bags provide extra […]


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Wholesale ECOBags and paperbags in Nairobi Kenya

August plastic ban is here do not be left behind. Add quality products to your daily shopping need. Call us for these classy and durable […]

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