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Head and scalp wire massager

Ksh 300.00

Head & scalp wire massager at 300/=

July 5, 2018

Head and scalp wire massager used in barber shops, salons and massage palours. Helps in: – enhancing blood circulation in the head and neck area […]

Swimming goggle

Ksh 500.00

Swimming goggles @500/=

Swimming goggles at Kshs. 500/= a pair. Call or Whatsapp us on 0719401019

Blowdry Ceriotti Gek

Ksh 2,500.00

Blow dryers from 2000 to 4500

Brand new Ceriotti Gek blow dryers from Kshs. 2,000/= & 2,500/= for home use, and Kshs. 3,500/= and 4,500/= for commercial use. Call or whatsapp […]

Kinyozi chart

Ksh 100.00

Barber and kids reading charts @100

July 2, 2018

Kinyozi or barber and kids reading charts, large size, @100/= Call or Whatsapp us on 0719401019

Electric Lunchbox Food Warmer

Ksh 1,500.00

Electric Lunch box @1500/=

Electric lunchbox @Kshs. 1,500/= Simply connect to power anywhere and warm your food anywhere. Call or Whatsapp 0719401019

Food thermos stainless steel

Ksh 1,200.00

Food thermos, Thermo cup & Vacuum bottle

Stainless steel food thermos @Kshs. 1,200/=, Thermo vacuum cup, 500ml @1200/= and Vacuum bottle, 500ml for cold and hot drinks @800/= Call or Whatsapp us […]

Scholl Velvet Smooth foot file

Ksh 1,800.00

Scholl Velvet Smooth foot file @1800/=

Electric Scholl Velvet Smooth pedicure foot file at Kshs. 1,800/= It removes dead skins from feet Gives feet very soft look and feel, and gives […]

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