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Appmia is a relative newcomer to the spy phone app industry, they’ve managed to launch their spy app with a nice set of features. Most of the time when new spy apps hit the market, you’ll see just the basic features such as reading SMS messages, viewing all logs, and tracking the location of the phone. However, with Appmia you get a lot more than just “basic” features. Check them out. Record Calls This Appmia feature will record calls made/received from certain numbers. The recordings are then uploaded to your Appmia account. Alerts on incoming outgoing Calls to specific numbers This feature enable you to get alerts when calls are made or received from certain numbers. This is great for anyone who suspects their spouse is cheating and wants to monitor how many times they call a number that you have flagged as being suspicious. View Call History This will show you all the calls made and received from specific numbers. View SMS Read all incoming and outgoing SMS messages with this Appmia features. Receive SMS/Email alerts for specific words in SMS If you’re a parent who wants to monitor your kids SMS use, this is a perfect feature. You’ll get to set up certain ‘trigger’ words, and then you’ll be alerted when that word is sent or received in an SMS. Listen to Phone’s surroundings This will enable you to secretly listen in on the phone’s surroundings. You’ll be able to listen to anything within a 15 ft radius. View Contacts View contacts that are stored on the phone. New contacts entered are also recorded. View all Received/Sent Emails View all sent and received emails (full contents) when using this Appmia feature. Receive SMS/Email Alerts for specific words in email Similar to the SMS alert features, this will enable you to get alerts when certain words are triggered in emails. Real Time Tracking With Appmia you can get real-time tracking information on the phone. View Photos, Videos, Music Appmia also enables you to view photos and videos snapped on the phone. You can even see the music that is stored on their phone. Appointment and Calender Logging With this Appmia feature, you can view all the appointments and calendar entries. SIM Change Notification If the phone you are monitoring changes their SIM card, Appmia will notify you of their new number.

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