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Ksh 300.00

neck mask

8 hours ago

skull balaclava neck tube neck warmer helmet mo-hawk

Biometric clocks

Ksh 50,000

Biometric Clock

October 4, 2017

biometricclock fingerprint&time attendance device recognizes the size and shape of finger ability to ready fingers whilst dirty,greasy,damp gives various reports -weekly ,daily,monthly information

Ksh 16,000.00

Mark-eye Tracker

September 30, 2017

tracking via smsor GPRS living location report speeding alert external power cut alert acc detection low battery alert mileage calculation report

pb tyre compressor copy

Ksh 12,000.00


September 30, 2017

car jumpstarter compact jump starter dual usb charging ports 12/12v options compact carry travel bag portable lead torch feature mobile phone,tablets and laptop charging

Emergency First Aid Kit

Ksh 3,800.00

Safety Kit

September 30, 2017

compact portable safety kit safety triangle car jump cables hi -visibility safety vest fire extinguisher led outdoor torch safety tow cable medical safety kit


Ksh 60,000.00

Biometric Clock

September 29, 2017

finger print bio metric clock fingerprint clock gives various reports 1.time card report based on daily,weekly and 2.monthly 3.Absence 4.overtime 5.lunch break 6.in-late/out -early reports

powerbank with jumpstarter copy

Ksh $100


September 9, 2017

power bank with compressor

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