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Services For Cancer Patients
A diagnosis of cancer is a major disruption of everyday life. scarves for cancer patients may feel healthy before the diagnosis but afterwards may have to have surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or a combination of the three. Both the disease and its treatment can be debilitating, and patients may find that they are unable to work or to do some of the things they used to enjoy. To make life easier for cancer patients, many different organizations provide financial help or free services like the following.

Help With Paying Bills

Many different organizations provide help with basic needs, like rent and utilities. When cancer patients are unable to work and/or paying huge medical bills, everyday expenses can pile up. The Angel Foundation, for example, helps residents of the Twin Cities area who are currently in treatment for cancer. They offer assistance with rent, food, gas, utilities, and other non-medical expenses. The Life Beyond Cancer Foundation also helps people pay for everyday living expenses

Transportation Assistance

Another form of assistance that cancer patients may have access to is transportation assistance. Sometimes the best hope for survival requires treatment at a distant facility, and patients can't afford to fly there. housing for cancer patients for Cancer Patients is one of many organizations that provides free airline tickets to cancer patients and in many cases to their family members as well. free cancer scarves To Healing is an organization that helps people with ground transportation through gas cards and bus or train tickets.

Assistance With Medical Costs

Cancer patients are likely to face high medical costs, even if they have insurance. Co-pays, deductibles, non-covered treatments, and prescription drugs can add up to an exorbitant amount of money. The Healthwell Foundation is one of several non-profits that help patients cover co-payments and deductibles. The Cancer Care Co-Payment Assistance Foundation helps people pay co-payments for prescription medications.

Camps And Retreats

Having cancer is upsetting and stressful for patients and their family members. That's why some organizations offer help in the form of camps or retreats that allow people to take a break and make positive memories with loved ones. Camp Kesem is a volunteer-led summer camp for children of cancer patients. Camp Good Days offers camping trips for child and adult cancer patients, and its mission is to help people celebrate life.

Free Stuff

There is a wide array of organizations that offer freebies to people with cancer. Free products and services for cancer patients include hats, scarves, wigs, and cosmetics for women, tote bags, compression sleeves, and many other items. Free services can include legal, financial, and career counseling.

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