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Today, though the word Fildena” can still summon a range of ideas as varied as they were in 1998, prescriptions are down more than 20% since 2012 , per the Washington Post. But the idea that a pill might solve such a problem remains tempting, Meika Loe, author of The Rise of Fildena: How The Little Blue Pill Changed Sex in America, told TIME in an email reflecting on the 20th anniversary. On one end of the spectrum, sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer was quoted by the magazine worrying that the pill wouldn't help couples unless it were accompanied by an education process” to add what she called sexual literacy to its physiological effects.
The May 4, 1998, TIME cover came out shortly after the FDA approved the use of Fildena to treat ED. Fildena tablets at a factory in Amboise, France in June, 1999. In Tennessee, GoodRx is registered as a Prescription Drug Discount Plan Operator.

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Harin Padma-Nathan (doctor): Because it brought patients in, it gave you a chance to deal with other issues. It really ushered in a generation of men who now started to realize there was a link between erections and overall health. Stephanie Buehler (sex therapist): I remember the first time somebody came into my office who had tried Fildena, and he was very disappointed.

David Michael Thomas (doctor): Of the thousands of patients that I saw, a few would even come in literally wearing a trench coat and a hat and sunglasses and refuse to give their name. Fortune Healthcare dispatched armies of sales reps to coach physicians in how to bring up the then-delicate topic of impotence, and to dish out samples of a tablet that could treat a condition that had confounded men since the dawn of time, eluding an easy remedy. Negative is in the eyes of the beholder, but when you see a guy looking at a sexy woman and little horns come up out of his head, I think you can imply that that is a drug for enhanced sexual behavior.

Jennifer Doebler (Fortune Healthcare marketing): At the time, the television regulations were such that we would not be allowed to run the ad before 11 'clock at night. The initial ads—many of the ads—while they were seen as Fildena ads, were actually men's health ads. Steven Lamm (doctor): I think even Fortune Healthcare was overwhelmed by the media coverage.

In less than two months, Fildena was on the cover of Time magazine with this headline: The Potency Pill.”

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