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Ksh 6,500.00

Advanced reverse cameras @ naj tracking 0722 921535

Do you wish to be stress free while parking your vehicle? Welcome at Naj tracking and accessories for installation of a quality and new reverse […]


Ksh 20,000.00

Accurate GPS vehicle tracker @ Naj tracking 0722921535

Welcome at Naj tracking and accessories for installation of accurate, reliable GPS vehicle/fleet tracker with the following functionalities: • Automatic alerts like over speeding alert, […]


Ksh 9,900.00

premium car radios @ naj tracking 0722921535

Enjoy the best experience with the best car Radio at Naj tracking and accessories that have clear audio quality designed for better audio production of […]


Ksh 1,500.00

Premium tints @ naj 0722921535

We NAJ TRACKING & ACCESSORIES, have professional installers who are specialists in auto-tinting and custom designs to ensure we satisfy our customer’s expectation with the […]


Ksh 4,900.00

Quality car alarms @ Naj tracking 0722921535

Welcome at NAJ TRACKING & ACCESSORIES to secure and protect your car with one of the reliable, cheap, durable and advanced car alarms from our […]


Ksh 6,500.00

Quality reverse camera @Naj tracking 0722 921535

​Welcome at Naj Tracking and Accessories​ for installation of new, quality, Reverse cameras at an affordable price. We have experienced technicians who ensure that the […]


Ksh 10,000.00

Best car stereo @ Naj Tracking 0722 921535

Do wish to upgrade your car audio and video system or get a new one? NAJ TRACKING & ACCESSORIES offers a full line of Car […]

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