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Understanding the Gravity of the Situation
Being arrested for any reason is a serious situation. Crime dramas on television refer to some outcomes as a “slap on the wrist” to minimize the effect, but even minor offenses have consequences. One too many speeding tickets or other moving violation, for example, can make the difference between getting back and forth to work and getting fired for being late or not retaining a driver s license. People who are arrested, whether it is the first time or the fifth time, need to contact a criminal defense lawyer.

Why Bother?

Those who think the evidence is overwhelming against them or a crime was captured by video surveillance may decide there is no point in bothering to call a lawyer. That is a crucial mistake. Some federal, violent, and drug trafficking crimes, among others, have sentences that can range from a few years to life in prison. A conviction for aggravated murder in Utah carries the death penalty.

An experienced lawyer can build a defense that may result in a lesser charge. Circumstances may exist that allow the lawyer to present reasons for minimum sentences rather than higher ones. It is imperative that the accused realize what is at risk for everyone involved. criminal defense attorney , family members, dependents, and alleged victims also have a stake in the outcome. Always take criminal law to call a lawyer.

What Can Be Done?

Due to the multiple factors involved in serious crimes and investigations that lead to the arrest of the accused, there are no guarantees of lesser or zero consequences. There are, however, strategies that can be implemented to cast doubt, question evidence, clarify statements, and present facts and evidence that favor the client. Reviewing the information and asking about possible strategies is what the free initial consultation is all about. criminal defense attorney accused learns about rights and options while the lawyer learns about the case from the point of view of the accused.

Do Not Hesitate

Many who are arrested hesitate to call an attorney due to financial restrictions. An assigned public defender is a viable option if necessary, but the caseload of that professional may not allow much attention to the case. Another option is to contact a lawyer or firm that offers payment plans to clients. It is a way to get an aggressive and experienced lawyer on the case in an affordable way. Consider the people who will also be affected by the outcome, make sure the gravity of the situation is fully understood before waiving the right to a lawyer, and do not ever waive that right.

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