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Choosing to Include Colorful Marigolds in Floral Arrangements
international florist can be called upon to deliver floral arrangements anywhere in the country. However, flowers sugar land tx of people still prefer to patronize an area business for local flower delivery in Sugarland TX. No matter what the reason for sending flowers, this type of business can create beautiful arrangements. The bouquets may be crafted to customer specifications or may be generalized if the customer does not have any precise requests.

Sometimes a customer wants an arrangement focusing on a specific flower that isn't often included in floral bouquets. An example is the marigold, a lovely plant that is frequently seen growing in flower beds and containers alongside homes. best florist in sugar land tx calling a flower shop such as Scent and Violet may want wedding bouquets or another floral arrangement with these cheerful blooms. Why are they so seldom seen this way?

Considering the Height

One reason is that most marigolds are short plants, and bouquets are typically created with longer-stemmed flowers. In fact, commercial flower growers have been breeding their plants to have longer stems for this very reason. Marigolds certainly can be included, though. They can be tucked securely into a blend with the long stems for people to hold, if that is the purpose. It's especially easy to build an arrangement with a variety of shorter flowers that has marigolds as a highlight. In addition, some marigolds stand 24 to 36 inches tall, and those can be used instead.

Acknowledging the Scent

Another reason is that not everyone is thrilled about the pungent, bitter scent of marigolds. These are bright, pretty flowers, indeed. But they aren't particularly suited for holding up to one's nose and taking a big whiff, as might be done with roses, lilacs and gardenia.

African and French Marigolds

Those who love marigolds may feel a little frustrated and a bit sad about the flower's lack of appreciation. When they need to order floral arrangements, they have the chance to show everyone how beautiful those yellow and gold blooms are, whether in a group by themselves or mixed in with complementary colors. They might include African and French marigolds, both of which will be familiar to most people who see the flowers. French marigolds are smaller and have greater color variety.

Choosing a floral arrangement with African marigolds grown in the fall also allows the bouquet to feature bigger flowers and longer stalks. At this time of year, African marigolds take on a look somewhat similar to chrysanthemums, with puffy blooms in vibrant hues.