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electric spray gun2

Ksh 10,000.00

electric spray gun

voltage : 220-240v input power :500w spraying pressure :0.1-0.2bar cointainer capacity:800ml max flow:850ml/min


Ksh 10,000.00

boom sprayer

machine for hire it cost 10000 for a day

disposable-dust-mask 1

Ksh 30.00

Disposal Dust Mask

A dust mask is a flexible pad held over the nose and mouth by elastic or rubber straps to protect against dusts encountered during construction […]

Disposal overall 1

Ksh 450.00

Disposal Overal

The conceptual design of the overall process for the MSW disposal technology, focusing on the incineration technology for dry waste

dust mask

Ksh 30.00

jsp dust mask

used for safety to cover the mouth and the nose while working encountering with dust

dust hover.1

Ksh 26,000.00

wet & dry vacuum cleaner

Air Flow Rate 2 x 53 l/s Vacuum 225 / 22.5 mbar/kPa Container Capacity 70 l Max Rated Input Power 2300 W

foam machine1

Ksh 55,000.00

foam machine

Stainless steel tank washing machine foam capacity:80l

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