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Balloon air pump

Ksh 300.00

Balloon air pump at 300

Balloon pumps for blowing air into balloons at Kshs. 300/= Call or Whatsapp us on 0788-884043

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Ksh 3,999.00

Topsonic Desktop Phone With Landline And Dual Sim Card Slot

June 12, 2019

A cellular device designed like a Land Phone and combines all the Features & Benefits of a Mobile Phone with that of a Land Phone […]

fleece 1

Ksh 300.00

Hot water Bags

June 12, 2019

1 litre hot water bags fancy design now available.


Ksh 120.00

Electrical Sockets and Switches

June 12, 2019

Quality sockets/switches/boxes from different manufactures at competitive prices in the market. We look forward to servicing you and your everyday basic needs or your special […]

air pump

Ksh 1,800.00

240V Aquarium Air Pump

June 11, 2019

High Efficiency Ultra Quiet Aquarium Energy Saving Air Pump Power: 4w LPM: 4.0 Pressure: 0.016 – UK 3-pin plug fitted Package Includes: Air Pump, 2 […]


Ksh 250.00

fish food/flakes

June 11, 2019

AQUAV Tropical Fish Pellets are superior and nutritionally balanced food stabilized form of vitamin C, which are vital for disease resistance. High digestibility ensured. Ingredients […]

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Ksh 250.00

Fluffy Cushion covers

High quality material cotton fiber long lasting. Available on wholesale and retail price in several colours

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