15″ Touch Screen Monitor TFT LCD POS desktop

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15″ Touch Screen LED Monitor
with Multi-Position POS stand
This new 15” touchscreen monitor is perfect for use in retail, point-of-sale (POS), VOD system, and many other hospitality applications. Easily integrated with a variety of POS, thin client or PC systems, the touch LED features 4-wire resistive touchscreen and USB touchscreen interface.
The touchscreen monitor comes with a metal POS deskstand with hard plastic cover. It is also compatible with other mounting options using the VESA standard hole pattern on the back of the monitor. The sensitive touch screen recognizes touch input from stylus, finger, gloved hand, pen or tool .It’s an exceptional durable touchscreen monitor and an excellent value.
* Touch Screen LCD Display
* Power Adapter
* Power Cord
* VGA Signal Cable
* USB Cable
* User’s Manual
* Quick Start Guide
* CD-ROM for Touch Screen Driver
Sample Applications (software sold seperately):
For Life:
Corel touch screen software
Get ready to interact with your software in ways you never dreamed possible. Built specifically for use on Windows庐 7 and touch-enabled computers, Corel touch screen software lets you paint, zoom, rotate, tap, drag and scroll鈥攔ight on screen, using nothing but your fingers.
See what you can do with Corel creative software and Windows Touch:
Corel Paint it! touch
Get the full touch experience by drawing or painting right on your touch screen monitor. Paint it! touch provides budding artists of any age with a free-flowing artistic experience unlike any other. Draw, paint and even turn photos into paintings just by using your fingers!
For Business:
How Touch Screen Is Used in Restaurants
By Jack S. Waverly, eHow Contributor

Order Taking and Tracking
1. In the restaurant setting, touch screens have three important functions. The most visual use of touch screens in restaurants is for order taking and management. This function is in place in almost every chain restaurant today from fast food to sit-down restaurants. Touch-screen ordering is used by restaurant staff members to enter a customer’s order into the main system. From there, it is sent to the kitchen and posted into the cash management set-up. When the kitchen crew sees the order on its screen, it knows what it is, the time it was entered and where it is going. Touch screens in restaurants also help to eliminate miscommunnication between order takers and kitchen staff.

Cash Management
2. Cash management is another common use of touch-screen technology in restaurants. After the order is entered into the main system, the cash handlers or management can use the touch screen to pull up the entire order history quickly, including the total bill due. Touch screens are an efficient and faster method of handling information. There is no need to learn keystrokes or complex software. Most touch screens used in restaurants have a simple menu layout that brings up the needed screen and access to information. Most touch screens are set up on a computer networking system where there is one central processor and multiple terminals can access that information. This means that any information required can be accessed at any terminal throughout the establishment.

Inventory Control and Management
3. Inventory control and tracking is the third use of touch screens in restaurants. Since both order taking and cash management are handled through one central system, the touch screen technology can also integrate inventory handling at any point in the process. Again, with minimal space used, any trained person can handle tracking and ordering of inventory at any point in the network easily. This saves on having the need for special paperwork or added hardware or items being carried around. Each section of the restaurant can have inventories entered directly from their section via touch screens that can be either built-in to a station, hanging from the ceiling or part of a portable notebook.

Efficiency and Accuracy
4. The use of touch screens in restaurants is the maximum, most-efficient use of space. Another benefit is the ability to control costs.

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