Foods That Are Slowly and Silently Killing You-Michael Vesper

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There is no doubt that we eat too much of the ‘wrong’ foods.

Nutritionists now recognize the role that highly refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrups play in the rise in the rate of obesity among today’s consumers.

Polyunsaturated trans-fats have been identified for their role in promoting cardio-vascular disease, cancer and other chronic diseases as well as in the release of free radicals in the human body.

This book reveals that despite the confusion and marketing misdirection, you can improve how you eat and become healthier.

Some of the things you will learn :

The Deception That Is Canola Oil

Is High Cholesterol Really that Evil?

Why eliminating refined sugar and polyunsaturated fats from your diet will really change your life

The Unsettling Facts about Soy – People are waking up to the fact that soy is NOT the miracle health food they thought it was

Which 3 Foods to Avoid that are Eaten Daily

Why Trans Fats are the Silent Killers

The Salad Dressing You should NEVER Eat

The Sneaky Food Labeling Tricks to Watch Out for

And much,much more…

This book is not a long boring manual but rarely seen, cutting-edge information that might very well “save your life”.

At the very least a few simple dietary choices will drastically improve your vitality and get that “zing” back in your life…

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