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Anti-Diabetes Herbal formulation : control diabetes type 2 without the jab

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Japanese have been using this tea for hundreds of years as a traditional cure for preventing and treating respiratory ailments. Eriobotrya japonica is a tree ,a.k.a.loquat. Its leaves are used as both a demulcent and an expectorant, and help soothe the respiratory and digestive tracts.
But their properties do not end there. The Eriobotrya japonica leaves have been scientifically shown to possess incredible health benefits. The tea made with these leaves has been called the Japanese Longevity Tea for this reason.It is prepared from selected young leaves, roasted and processed into a fine powder, following the traditional Japanese method.

Below are some the most common uses for these leaves:

1.They contain compounds demonstrated to lower blood’s lipid and sugar levels . Some studies have linked a compound in these leaves with increasing insulin production and combating diabetes type 2. It has been shown that these leaves produce a variety of chemicals called triterpenes. One of the most important acids in this class of chemicals is tormentic acid. Tormentic acid is known to increase insulin production which help reduce the symptoms related to diabetes.

As a direct consequence of the above,Eriobotrya leaves help the pancreas produce insulin by regenerating its cells, which allows this organ to increase the production of insulin.
The use of Eriobotrya leaves has been approved by the Chinese government as a blood-sugar supporter because it produces a set of natural bodily chemicals known as polysaccharides, compounds that have also been shown to increase insulin production.
2. They are proven to alleviate inflammatory skin conditions, including atopic dermatitis (eczema).
3.Most importantly, the leaves of Eriobotrya japonica and the kernels of its fruit contain amygdalin. Amygdalin is otherwise known as the anti-cancer vitamin B17 or laetrile. Though it has limitations in certain cancers, vitamin B17 may be extremely effective in the most common tumours such as carcinoma of the lung, breast, prostate, colon, and lymphomas.
4. Loquat Leaves Supports Mucous Membranes.Organic loquat leaf extract may support the body’s natural detoxification process by acting as a mucolytic agent. This may help dissolve thick mucus that holds onto toxic compounds and harbours harmful bacteria.
5. They release antioxidants. We now know that loquat leaves release antioxidants, the incredible health-supporting compounds that your body naturally produces. Antioxidants are known mostly for their ability to neutralize harmful toxins. They are commonly used to protect the body against various diseases, support immunity, and possibly increase life expectancy.
6. They reduce Skin Redness. One of Eriobotrya leaves’ oldest reported benefits is the reduction of skin redness. When used in topical cream, they can combat edema and histamine-induced skin contraction. In short, they may help soothe the skin and provide balance for skin health. Skin inflammation can often be painful and the soothing effect of these leaves can be very beneficial.
7. They reduce the side effects of adriamycin. This drug is used in chemotherapy to treat skin cancer.
8. Eriobotrya leaves have an antiviral effect. Evidence suggests that these leaves produce a variety of acids that have an antiviral effect. These acids produce antigens, which are antiviral agents. Two of these chemicals are called megastigmane glycosides and polyphenolic constituents, both of which are known to produce viral antigens. Furthermore, the triterpene chemicals may help reduce rhinovirus, or the common cold.
9. Eriobotrya leaves help the Liver to Detoxify Chemicals.The pancreas isn’t the only bodily organ that organic Enriobotrya leaves help. They also help the liver. The contents of Amygdalin (B-17) – or neoamygdalin – help combat liver disorders as well as supporting the liver’s ability to process and eliminate poisons in the body. Amygdalin, incidentally, is thought to have its benefits through antioxidation effects.

Japanese Brew Method (Senjiru)
Senjiru (to infuse in Japanese) is a time-tested Japanese brew method to extract the beneficial compounds locked deep in Eriobotrya leaves and to bring out its pleasantly earthy flavour.
The following instructions are for brewing 4 cups of loquat leaves tea the Japanese traditional way.
• Pour a little more than 4 cups of cold water into a pot.
• Add 2 heaping tablespoons of biwa leaves.
• Heat to a full, rolling boil.
• Turn heat down and simmer for 10 minutes.
• Turn heat off and wait for 10 minutes.
• Strain and serve.
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Our Organic Japanese Longevity Tea is made from selected mature leaves