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Washing machine repair in Nairobi Kenya has been one of our top services. We repair washing machines that are not working, draining or noisy. Call our technician to repair them. There are a couple of things you can check that might save you time and money.

If your washing machine isn’t draining, make sure that you haven’t overloaded it. An overloaded washer may become off balance, keeping it from spinning properly, which can prevent proper drainage.

Some washers have a filter that needs to be cleaned occasionally. For example, front-loading washing machines often have a filter near the bottom of the unit. Check the owner’s manual that came with your washer to see if this may be the case.

If your washing machine is noisy, check that it’s not overloaded and ensure the legs are properly levelled. In addition, be aware that washing machines are going to be noisy if they’re on the second or third floor of the home, simply because they’re on wooden floors rather than concrete.

If you have a new washing machine and it’s noisy, it’s probably not in need of repair. Today’s washers spin at up to 1,200 rotations per minute, which creates a lot of noise.

Faulty Washer Repair sevices in Nairobi, Machakos, Kiambu, Thika, Limuru, Kajiado, Westlands, Parklands, Lang’ata, Kileleshwa, Lavington, Ngumo, Highridge, Highrise and rest of Nairobi.
Washing machine repair in Nairobi Kenya

Washing Machine Maintenance services periodically to achieve optimal perfomance.

Here is the best Washing Machine Repair Services in Nairobi you will appreciate most.
Washing Machine Repair Services In Nairobi
If you have a problem with your washing machine, give us a call. We do washer repair in Nairobi and surrounding areas.

Over the phone, we’ll collect enough information to give you an estimated cost. This also allows us to order the parts we may need to repair your washing machine so that we can reduce the chance of needing to visit your home a second time.
Your washing machine repair technician will call you before our scheduled visit to let you know we’re on our way. After the repair is done, your technician will explain what went wrong and answer any questions you may have.

Our Washing Machine Repair Warranty
Washing Machine Repair
We order washing machine parts directly from the manufacturer and authorized distributors, and they come with a 90-day warranty. Because we’re confident in our technicians, we extend that warranty for an extra month, giving you extra peace of mind.*

If you are questioning whether or not your washing machine needs servicing, give us a call. We can walk you through what might be going on.

Washing machine Fault diagnosis

washing machinewon’t start
washing machine Door not shut: Check door is properly shut.
Faulty washing machine interlock: won’t allow door to shut Contact qualified repairer.
No power on washing machine: Check flex, plug wiring, fuse and mains supply for faults.
Faulty on/off switch: (check power light if fitted) Contact qualified repairer.

No water entering into the washer

Inlet hose kinked: Free trapped hose.
Taps turned off: Open taps.
Inlet valve filter blocked: Clean valve filter.
Pressure system blocked in pressurised state: This causes the appliance to think that it is full of water—contact qualified repairer.

Washer overfills and floods

Inlet valve staying open or pressure switch not operating: Disconnect from power supply. If water continues to flow in, hot or cold inlet valve is faulty. Discover which by turning off each tap in turn.
Replace valve (see above): If water stops flowing in, pressure system is at fault. Contact qualified repairer.

Washing machine Drum won’t rotate

Loose or worn drive belt: Adjust or replace belt (see instructions below). Worn motor brushes Contact qualified repairer.
Faulty timer: Contact qualified repairer.
Faulty spin control unit: Contact qualified repairer.

Washing machine Stuck on wash cycle

Faulty timer: Advance programme to spin cycle. Contact qualified repairer.
Faulty heater: Contact qualified repairer.
Faulty thermostat: Contact qualified repairer.

Machine Door won’t open at end of programme

Worn door seal: Old door seals can become sticky with age and adhere to glass. Carefully ease door open, then replace seal.
Water still in machine: Repeat spin cycle to operate pump again. Inspect filter and clean if necessary. Inspect outlet hoses for kinks or blockages.
Door interlock faulty: Contact qualified repairer.
Door handle broken: Replace handle.

Washing machine Clothes damaged

In all these cases contact qualified repairer

Water overheating due to faulty programmer.
Water overheating due to faulty thermostat.
Drum damaged or metal object in machine.

Washing machine Clothes still dirty