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Ksh 45,000.00

Swing Away Hot Pressing

super large heating area can meet your all needs, able to apply transfers,letters,numbers and image onto T-shirts,garments,bags,Mouse Pad,Phone Case,Tablecloth,hat and a great variety of flat […]


Ksh 45,000.00

vinyl cutting plotter in stock

1, imported axis ,high accuracy 2, The media handling system is fully adjustable.It handles media on standard cores and resolves media drifting and alignment problems […]


Ksh 25,000.00

Multi-Currency Compatible Cash Counting Machine

1,Automatic detecting with UV(ultraviolet) and MG(magnetic) while counting 2,Suitable for most currencies in the world 3,Automatic start,stop and clearing 4,With batching,adding and self-examination functions 5,Double-notes […]


Ksh 27,000.00

Business Grade Currency Cash Counter,Counterfeit Bill Detection

【Precise Detection & Efficient】:Counts 1,300 bills per minute; Three powerful methods to detect counterfeit cash, ripped or damaged bills: UV – ultraviolet, MG – magnetic. […]


Ksh 18,000.00

Electric Bag Sack Closing Sewing Machine

Portable bag closer machine is a kind of special hand-held sealing device, suitable for sealing various kinds of openings of gunny sack, cloth bag, brown […]


Ksh 18,000.00

sewing machine GK26-1A

GK26-1A of portable Taschenäher is the most popular model in the world. suitable for sealing all species of stuffing bags, E. g. canvas, jute, polyester […]


Ksh 12,000.00

electronic bag closing machine.

Power: 90 Watts Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz Number of threads: 1-thread Stitch length: 8 mm US 0.31 ” Stitch: single, chain Speed […]

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