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University of Illinois
The University of Illinois is a public university system comprised of three campuses. The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is located in Urbana, Illinois, in the mid-eastern region of Illinois. Also known as UIUC, this school is the second oldest public university in the state of Illinois. UIUC is also one of the founding members of the Big Ten athletic conference. The second campus is the University of Illinois at Chicago. Located in one of the biggest cities in the country, University of Illinois in Chicago offers 15 degree programs and has more than 27,000 enrolled students. University of Illinois at Springfield is located in Illinois' state capital. This is the newest campus of the University of Illinois school system. This university has more than 5,000 students and provides more than 40 undergraduate, master's, and doctoral programs.
Southern Illinois University
Southern Illinois University is based in Carbondale, Illinois, although it has multiple campuses throughout the state. Also known as SIUC, the Carbondale campus offers eight colleges and three graduate school programs. The Southern Illinois University location in Edwardsville was once known as a commuter school. However, in recent years, new dorms have been built in order to buy an essay online more of a residential university. The Edwardsville campus includes an undergraduate school and seven graduate schools. Southern University of Illinois also has a variety of satellite schools, including schools of medicine, dentistry, and nursing.
Northern Illinois University
Northern Illinois University is located in Dekalb, Illinois. It also has satellite campuses in Hoffman Estates and Naperville and online. Also known as NIU, this university is one of only two Illinois public universities that participate in NCAA Division 1 athletics. NIU has seven undergraduate colleges with more than 25,000 students. It also offers 79 graduate degree programs and a variety of doctoral degree programs.
llinois State University
Illinois State University has the impressive title of being Illinois' oldest public university. Also known as ISU, it is located in the twin cities of Bloomington and Normal, Illinois. Given ISU's founding origins as a training school for teachers, it is no surprise that ISU is one of the biggest producers of teachers in the U.S. ISU offers a variety of bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. Total student enrollment is more than 20,500 students.
Northeastern Illinois University
Northeastern Illinois University, also known as NEIU, has its main campuses in North Park, Illinois, and three campuses in Chicago. Importantly, NEIU is a federally certified Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). The NEIU community radio station, WZRD Chicago 88.3 FM, is one of the country's longest running community radio stations. NEIU has more than 10,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, and it offers more than 15 undergraduate majors.