About equippers


the Equippers is in the business of equipping hotels, restaurants, bars, institutions with appropriate restaurant and kitchen equipments. We shall begin from the design, floor planning to supply of custom-made equipments and installing them in right places for ease and efficient use.


Ksh affordable

Branded & Packed Sugar Sachets

October 20, 2014

We brand, pack and supply sugar, salt, pepper and instant coffee sachets. Make your order NOW for quick and timely deliveries.


Ksh 300,000.00

Dishwasher Machines

October 20, 2014

Affordable top brand imports of dishwasher machines from Europe.

cutom-made kitchen equipment

Ksh quotation

Restaurant Equippers

October 20, 2014

the EQUIPPERS offers products and services in fabrication of custom-made restaurant and kitchen equipments, outsourcing and supply of food service equipments, restaurant setting, kitchen design […]

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