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We got back in time for dinner. Now after a full day together there was a bit more sexual energy in the air. After we cleaned up Jackie suggested she would sit outside for awhile and we could entertain ourselves. That was accompanied with a wink. This was our last night. The girls led me upstairs to Amy's room. Clothes were lost with abandon and we tumbled onto the bed in a tangle of arms legs, cock, tits, and other good parts. Some quick fondling and I was hard and ready. I said I had an idea. If Amy would take care of me I'd like Sam to sit herself up above me and let me taste her sweet pussy. She giggled, but quickly straddled my head. Amy, knowing she'd have a turn soon enough settled in to licking and sucking my cock. I pulled Sam to me and poked around with my tongue. This was new for her and she squealed as I touched her with my my probing, licking, flicking, moist tongue. Not having to worry any longer I thrust it up into her and she gasped. I gasped too as Amy managed to sink my cock further into her mouth than I though possible. I nibbled on Sam, moving up to her bush and down again to her clit. She started grinding on my face, rocking her little butt back and forth as I teased her non-virgin pussy. I was now also bucking my hips as Amy worked me harder, stroking faster as she teased my head, popping it in and out of her mouth. Samantha began cumming in increasingly faster moans and shrieks, her moist pussy covering my face as she rubbed herself against me. With her release, I let her sit on me as I tensed and shot loads of cum I knew not where. When Sam climbed off me we looked down to see Amy smiling and showing that she's swallowed every bit. Proudly she boasted https://livecamsex.show

We had pizza for lunch, ice cream later in the afternoon, sat in the park to enjoy the warm clear day and ended the afternoon certain that we liked each other as people and not just as objects for sex. I had to admit that Jackie's idea was perfect. Back at the Carlson's, Jackie prepared dinner and I took the girls for a walk out to show them the nearly completed fence and to explain how the gardens would be laid out. I held hands, one girl on each side as we strolled the property. Amy looked at the line of fence posts and expressed surprise, https://webcamgirls.watch

The next day, our final full day, Jackie suggested a ride into Pendleton. I'll admit, I may have contributed to the pouting of the under 20 crowd. I think we'd anticipated another day of free sex. We piled into Jackie's car, I rode in front, the sisters in back, listened to the radio and were soon laughing and having fun again. Pendleton had a busy main shopping street with many shops and places to eat. It really made Doylesville seem the backwater it was. Taking the hint after watching Samantha and Amy window shopping I slipped in and made a couple of small purchases. Charms for their bracelets to remember me by. As they were showing them off to each other Jackie held me back a couple steps. https://nudecamgirls.chat