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Although the strength of my car Hou yuan is not very good. But I'm obsessed with the temple. It has a forbidden effect on the people of the divine world. The God King wants to come in. It also takes a lot of effort, and if you meet the temple. To the God king this level master forcibly breaks in, also can destroy the ground by oneself. Che Houyuan said indifferently. Qin Yu heart a sudden. Although he did not know how strong the level of'God King 'was, he could be called the King of God. That's for sure. Now that you've found this place. Opened the image I left behind. Then you are the only one who has a chance to get the treasure of my temple. Of course Obtain, but also depends on your opportunities and abilities. Che Houyuan continued to say. Just listen to this car, Hou yuan. Qin Yu then had a good impression on this car Hou yuan. Although there was no smile on Che Houyuan's face, his words made people feel cordial. You can come here, you are also a genius in the world of immortals and demons, before that. Let me introduce you to the divine world first. Che Hou yuan continued to say, but Qin Yu was confused in his heart. This car Hou yuan left a hidden room, leaving this image, what on earth is he going to do? Just curious about the divine world, still let Qin Yu listen attentively,ultrasonic metal welding, after all, the house blue in the divine world is only the bottom of the characters, even many basic things are not clear. The divine world belongs to a higher level of space than your fairy and demon world, if my guess is good. The divine world should be the pinnacle of all cosmic space! Che Houyuan said slowly. The divine world contains the spirit of the gods. The whole divine world has a very strong oppression on the people. Generally, they have just ascended to the earth and entered the divine world. Will be pressed by the breath of the gods. He could barely walk. Qin Yu was startled. This divine world is too amazing. This divine world is much stronger than the world of immortals and demons. Even the man of God who had just ascended could barely walk in the divine world. A master of the divine world. Simply put,ultrasonic dispersing machine, there are two major stages. One is the stage of God and man, the other is the stage of God! The divine man is divided into the inferior divine man, the intermediate divine man and the senior divine man. Above. Is the lower God. Middle God, upper God! Che Hou yuan said this slightly paused, as if to know that the news would surprise Qin Yu. Qin Yu was really shocked in his heart. It turns out that the masters of the divine world are so divided! Qin Yu in the heart has a kind of steadfast feeling, the unknown thing is the most terrible. In the past, he had blackened his eyes on the divine world, but now he finally knew it. The people are mainly divided into two groups, the gods and the gods. The soul of God and man is the realm of "golden elixir of soul". And the soul of God is the realm of "soul baby", at the same time.. The power used by the man of God is only the power of God. But the power used by the gods has become The power of the gods. Che Houyuan continued to say. Qin Yu frowned. It sounds as if there is a big gap between the gods and the gods. Suddenly Che Houyuan's mouth turned up slightly. As if with a trace of disdain: "In the divine world, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, power and soul are important, but in addition.". Weapons are also important. "Weapons are divided into lower-grade artifacts, middle-grade artifacts, top-grade artifacts, and then top-grade artifacts.". The artifact of Zhongpin Heaven. A top-grade artifact. This is a total of six levels. Che Hou yuan's face suddenly surged. There was a touch of confidence. Artifacts are generally used by gods. Artifacts are just very common weapons. Generally, some powerful people can come out of it, and the power of God is poured into the artifact. You can Play a certain power. And the celestial artifact is usually used by the gods. All right, weapons. You can kill beyond your rank. "Of course, power is not an absolute, good plan.". A good way, or some surprise attack, the gods still kill the gods. Che Houyuan said indifferently. Qin Yu had some doubts in his heart. The gods are divided into three levels: the lower level, the intermediate level and the upper level. The gods are divided into the lower level, the middle level and the upper level. God, whether it is power or soul. Are stronger than the gods. How can the gods kill the gods? "God is strong.". The strongest is the ability to control space, according to the strength of the ability to control space. It is divided into the lower gods, the middle gods, and the upper gods. Che Hou yuan said this. Finish. Qin Yu was suddenly enlightened in his heart. It turns out that the gods are so divided. The gods and gods I have just mentioned are only the main levels. I am the upper realm of the gods. Che Houyuan said indifferently that Qin Yu knew the strength of the master of the temple in his heart.
The strongest of the gods! "There is another level above the upper realm of the gods." Che Houyuan continued, "That's the God King!"! The God King is almost invincible in the divine world. God King. Is to completely control the laws of space. People Qin Yu nodded secretly. God masters are distinguished according to their perception of space, while the God King has completely controlled the law of space. Strength doesn't need to be thought about at all. In the divine world. The God King is the strongest to some extent, but. All the masters of the divine world know that, in fact, there is another level above the God King! It is omnipotent and can create the world. The earth is invincible-Tianzun! Che Houyuan said here, the expression also has a slight change. He seemed a little excited. Qin Yu felt a sudden heartbeat. Tianzun? This name alone made Qin Yu feel a sense of oppression. Complete control of the law of space, is the God King! And the God world'god king 'level master although also so many, but the God king level master, still pursuing a higher level. They pursue the palm Control more than the law of highland-the law of time! Once they are in full control of the laws of time, both the laws of space and time are in full control. It's Tianzun. Che Houyuan sighed: "In the legend.". Tianzun can create the world. It can destroy heaven and earth, even if the soul is destroyed. As long as the true spirit is still there. Tianzun can still bring him back from the dead. This is the power of heaven and earth. Force. Absolutely invincible, absolutely to the highland power! Qin Yu has a feeling of holding his breath. This car alone, Hou yuan. Let him feel extremely oppressive,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, did not expect the God King stronger. Complete control of the laws of space, imagination is terrible. Can be on it.. And Tianzun. Tianzun! In front of Tianzun. Everything is a mole ant, waving. Heaven and earth collapse!. fycgsonic.com