About Me

Kenya Outdoors Tours Travel presents you with a vibrant collage of the best & affordable Kenyan destinations under a single roof,from hiking,day trips,road trips,safaris,trekking,extreme sports,cycling & all outdoors activities.

Also we offer team building, transport & transfers, hotel booking among other tour related services.

We are meant for you if you have an adventurous spirit and an undying love for all things natural. Just in case you are also an appreciator of the ‘good life’ and revel in the flurry of colors and sounds in the urban jungles and popular beaches,Kenya Outdoors is there too.

We turn dreams into reality. Images of predators stalking and tracking prey in rolling savannah grasslands, elephants trumpeting at watering holes and hundreds of thousands of wildebeests galloping across the Mara River, are certainly brought into reality. Just as you saw it on National Geographic, you are now part of the action.

We welcome you to East Africa, the home of the ultimate safari experience.