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Celebes - Effective and Beautiful Small Kitchen

Celebes - A kitchen will definitely remain in the design of one house. When your house isn't big enough, you don't need to worry about having a small kitchen. Quite only a small space as well, the kitchen can play a functional and effective way. But all the comfort of a kitchen will depend on its shape. If the design is not good, a small kitchen will look cramped and less healthy. But with a good design the narrow space can also be a beautiful kitchen and air condition.

Celebes - Kitchen with a width of two mtr. This is not a problem with this U-shape design. By placing equipment in the appropriate space, this cream-colored room looks comfortable and cold. Do not forget the window that can be opened and closed at the end of the room. Give more light to this space.

Celebes - When meeting narrow and small sizes, you should try to think out of the box. Unlike old-fashioned kitchen designs, kitchens with high ceilings are given hanging lamps to the limits of other walls so as not to make this space feel stiff. Plus the decorative motifs and colors on the kitchen walls provide fun in the space made with this cabin and white walls. Motivational sentences in a space that extends to the top makes the space feel empty. Windows are also made high so that light can enter the room in an optimal way.