About Me

Vin Wells is the President and Founder of Rock Bottom Lasers and Cosmetic Laser Deals and has extensive
experience in the aesthetic laser industry. Mr. Wells started his own chain of aesthetic clinics under the
brand name Skinovative and opened his first medical spa in Boise, Idaho in February 2001. From 2001
to 2004, the Boise location realized over a 20% annual rate of growth, exceeding over $1,000,000 in gross
revenue by years end 2004. Subsequently in 2004 and 2005, Mr. Wells opened two additional locations
in Arizona (Chandler & Tucson) with annualized store revenues for all three locations exceeding $3 million
by end of year 2005. Since that time, Mr. Wells has devoted his energies to helping other physicians and
entrepreneurs become successful in this industry.

Website: https://www.rockbottomlasers.com/
Business Address: 2942 N 24th St. Ste 114 Phoenix, AZ 85016, United State
Toll free: 8007941097
International: 480-862-4778

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