About Me

From the practical test, I thought to myself, when I had just downloaded the app, so I wanted to listen to some music with the app outside and in the fresh air, just test the performance during playback. But there was a little problem: With the new app, you have to download all playlists for offline mode again, which means for me about 2-3 hours of download, not very user-friendly, especially since the playlists are available on my smartphone , And then the biggest annoyance: I had downloaded half of a playlist and then heard it on the go, you think, as with the old app, that the software will not burden mobile traffic. Wrong thought! Just a few minutes later, my traffic was loaded with over 70 MB, what's the point? How can it be, that the developers have forgotten the important offline function in development? As a user, you have to be able to rely on it - when the smartphone is in your pocket that the data volume is not being sucked empty.

It is also a shame that the playlists can no longer be conveniently selected for offline mode. Before you simply selected which playlist should be available offline in the music list, then click on “Done” and all playlists will be downloaded. In the new app, each playlist must be clicked individually and another button must be pressed in the next window. This is quite cumbersome with many playlists.


Call recorder has given its new app a new look. Chic and coherent! The working area is logical and comfortable. Everyone may find his own individual approach. In addition, the so important offline mode was simply omitted, so you have to take care of your traffic. Simfy offers you the choice of whether you want to use the new simfy app or the simfy classic app, but in the old app you are actually so annoyed by the pop-up window that in principle both apps are not fun. Nevertheless, I will stay with the old app and wait until the new app is mature and the functions can match the old one.