Diaspora Chamber Announces Annual Trade Conference

The East African Chamber of Commerce (EACC), a USA registered nonprofit that organizes annual trade conferences in an efforts to promote trade, entrepreneurship and investment opportunities between the East African region and the Diaspora in the U.S.A. With a goal of repeating successes from prior years and expanding in areas that had great benefit to attendees last year, this year’s conference will include targeted business field trips from Thursday, October the 15th and will conclude with investor presentations and a capstone dinner on Saturday, October the 17th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in North Dallas, Texas. The 2015 conference slogan is ““Powering America-East Africa Collaborations”.”. The organization has been successful in attracting impactful investors and government leaders over the years, and they plan to continue this theme by identifying opportunities and implementation strategies that are mutually beneficial to participants. The 2015 conference will cont…
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Global Entrepreneurship Summit Comes to Nairobi

Launched by President Obama in 2009, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) brings together entrepreneurs and investors from across Africa and around the world annually to showcase innovative projects, exchange new ideas, and help spur economic opportunity.  The 2015 GES agenda will focus on generating new investments for entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on women and youth.  The selection of Nairobi as host city for the 2015 GES underscores how Africa -- notably Kenya -- has become a center for innovation and entrepreneurship.  Kenya is a world leader in mobile money systems, like m-pesa, and a driver of innovation through technology research and incubation labs like “iHub.” and Nairobi Garage.

Since 2009, GES has emerged as a global platform connecting emerging entrepreneurs with leaders from business, international organizations, and governments looking to support them. This is the first time GES will take place in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Top online websites for Kenyan diaspora mobile top up

One of the challenges of Kenyan business innovators in the 21st century has been to look for ways to connect Kenyan diaspora communities to opportunities in the country. This includes the sending of instant mobile phone airtime top up. Whether on special occasions such a birthdays or festivities such as the Easter holiday, Kenyans in the diaspora like every other family member or friend are always looking for ways to send money, gifts or even packages to their loved ones in Kenya. Recently, techpreneurs are taking advantage of the niche to develop platforms that allow people in the diaspora to send mobile phone airtime straight to the receivers phone within a few minutes. It doesn't come cheap though since you will probably spend 10% more to send that airtime. Here's a list of websites that you can send mobile phone airtime by Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and Yu Mobile from the diaspora. TelephoneKenya.com In association with mobile operators in Kenya, TelephoneKenya by…
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