How to Effectively Write a Classified Ad on is a free online classifieds website that allows its registered users to advertise their products and services with the click of a few buttons.

When you create an ad on, you instantly create a unique business profile that guarantees that you could be someones next call. A call that could make a difference for your business.

While the registration and ad posting process is flawless, we have left it up to to the creativity of the seller to create an ad that will capture the attention of buyers on the website and straight from search engines such as Google. This is however not always the case. We have witnessed some few mistakes that people are making when creating their ads. Here are a few pointers that we will help your products and services easy to discover.
1. Ad Title & Keywords
The title is the voice of your ad. A title should be short and to the point. Limit the number of words to around 7 words that make up a sensible statement with strong ‘Keyword’ about your product and service. We have found it important when a seller tries to emulate a buyer and ask themselves questions. What would the buyers search for when they want a service or product like yours? How would they phrase the search? Which words would they use? Simply put, you need to know your audience or target market. Don’t forget, the title has to be appealing.

2. Description
The description or body of the ad listing is where you put all the important details about your product or service. Buyers want the finer details and expect you to address any frequently asked questions in brief about your ad listing. Other than the meta information such as the mobile number and address which you will have given during the ad admission, you can also include any other contact information in the description. You aim is to create interest and have the buyers call you up or write you an email.

3. Tags
Tags are words and keywords that are general to your advertisement. Tags can also uniquely categorize your ad to other similar ads on the platform. Ensure that you don’t leave out this part even if it is optional. If however you plan to tag your ad with a word that does not relate to product or service please don’t include it at all.

4. Image
We had the voice earlier at point number one and now we have the face of the ad. Ads that have relevant images attached to them are more likely to be viewed by users on the platform. This applies almost everywhere on the internet. On, you are allowed up to 10 images for each listing. Don’t waste it. Say cheese and upload as much as you can.

5. Share
Wherever you have a profile, be it on your website, Facebook, Twitter or even Google+, you can share the classified ad with your friends and followers. Social media is a great way to get leads that often translate to sales. Don’t be shy, you can also forward the link on chat applications such as Whatsapp. Let people know you mean business.

This has been two minutes worth of your time. Make it count by looking following those steps. Also, keep reading everywhere to get ideas of how you can get the best out of your classified ad(s) on

April 2, 2014 1:41 pm