Mobile Banking Apps to Manage your Finances

Banking and finance apps are one of the most sought after pieces of innovation in Kenya aiming to serve millions of citizens who are banked with a possibility of luring the unbanked to diverse product offerings.

While innovation and creativity in the Kenyan banking industry has been limited to SMS banking for a while, accredited finance institutions are quickly targeting native mobile application users more on the Android platform than any other mobile operating system.

We have come up with a list of the available apps on various platforms prominent among them being the Google Play Store.

This banking apps at the least will ease your hassle and reduce the time you have to spend in queues in various banking halls.

Barclays Bank of Kenya

Barclays-Bank-Kenya-mobile-banking-appAlong with its Internet Banking service, the Barclays Bank of Kenya is among the banks in Kenya to have a complimentary mobile application launched in June 2013 that serves both personal and business clients. The application is available on the android platform for versions above 2.2. So far between 5,000 to 10,000 clients are using the application.

You can download Barclays Bank of Kenya app from the Google Play Store here.


Ecobank Kenya

Ecobank-Kenya-mobile-banking-app Like most banking applications in Kenya, the Ecobank mobile banking allows its banking clients to top up their mobile phones with airtime from major mobile operators such as Safaricom and Airtel. Internet and External fund transfers are on the go which cuts down on the effort to meet the bankers in person. Available on the android platform for versions above 2.2, the app has between 1,000 to 5,000 users.

You can download from the Google Play Store here.


Equity Bank of Kenya (Eazzy 247)

equity-bank-kenya-mobile-banking-appBeing among Kenya’s most profitable banks, Equity Bank has a mobile banking application dubbed Eazzy 247 that opens up an opportunity for its clients to access their account financials including statements as well as pay bills such as electricity, water, HELB, DSTV bills and others. The app is available on the Google play store with downloads between 10,000 – 50,000. You can download from the Google Play Store here.

The application is also complimented by unofficial apps such as the Equity Direct Mobile which is a money remittance service serving the Kenya community and a less popular Equity Virtual Banking which features ATM locations among other features.


Family Bank (Pesa Pap)

family-bank-kenya-mobile-banking-appFamily Bank is a financial organization that is built around the idea of family and is popular with social groups and communities. Their laid back mobile application developed by Craft Silicon is efficient for servicing utility bills from various service providers in Kenya. The application is available on the android platform for versions above 1.6. You can download from the Google Play Store here.


NIC Bank Kenya

NIC-Bank-Kenya-mobile-banking-appThe NIC Bank is not left out when it comes to serving up its clients with the latest innovation. Though basic, the mobile banking application offers everything a banking client is looking for including online merchants and mobile money options. The application is available on the android platform for versions above 1.6.

You can download from the Google Play Store here.


Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)

kenya-commercial-bank-kcb-mobile-banking-appThough not hosted on the play or app store, KCB’s mobile application can be download on their website offering the ability for users to send money to their mobile money accounts such as M-Pesa, check their balance as well as transfer funds. The application compliments the USSD service accessible via *544# on Safaricom Lines.

You can download from their website here.


Chase Bank Kenya (Mfukoni)

chase-bank-kenya-limited-mobile-banking-appThe bank has an attractive mobile banking app known as mfukoni which translate in English from Swahili as ‘In the Pocket’. Othe than, the application has an attractive interface and goes beyond that to provide service beyond the usual mobile application. Mfukoni also provides access to services such as insurance and unit trusts that are a product offering by the modern financial institution. You can download from the Google Play Store here.

The have a separate application for tablet devices available for versions 3.1 and up.

Banking will remain a core primary service but sure, banking as we know it will continue to evolve decade after decade.

Leave a comment and don’t mind pointing us to any apps that might have been missed.

Employee Freedom to Speak Up

For a healthy work environment, proper communication is an absolute must.

If you don’t give your customers the freedom to speak up and be honest, there will be miscommunication, lies, misunderstanding, and other negatives in your office environment. Companies that let employees open up are more focused and united. That is what you should look to achieve.


Employees are generally quite scared of speaking up. You should take the lead and let them know that it is safe to share. Start speaking up yourself and your employees will follow suit. They will know that it is safe to talk about their fears and mistakes without worrying about judgment. Once they start sharing, you will be able to tackle problems with ease.


This is a continuation of encouragement. Taking the lead is part one. Encourage communication further by rewarding those who actually step forward. A smile and a thank you will take you a long way. Plus, it will help the others open up. Always reward honest speech.


Support communication by introducing new ways. Team activity is an excellent way to start. Bring your team together for work and when you have to take a break. You can do that in many ways. Start thinking!

Don’t group your employees in twos and threes. Make teams and give them individual projects to do. Team building is one of the best ways to encourage communication. Also, don’t divide your employees department-wise. Encourage inter-department mingling, too. That will help you build strong teams and in the end, a strong business.

Be Constructive

Criticism doesn’t always have to be destructive. As the leader you should point out errors such that your employees improve instead of getting disheartened. Be open and understand why an employee made a mistake. Honest criticism may help you but it can imbibe fear in your employees. Also, don’t ever judge anybody. Judging people will only cause negative effects. Encourage your employees through constructive criticism.

Employees want to be open and it is important that they be honest and able to communicate. That can happen only when you encourage it. Encourage your employees to speak their mind without fear by ruling out judgment on all levels. If your employees don’t communicate with each other and with you, your business will soon crumble.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Communicative employee base is the secret to a healthy business. Let your employees know that it is safe to communicate and share their mistakes, fears, and ideas. Encourage communication by being constructive, helpful, and open.

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Source: Give your Employees the Freedom to Speak Up

Step 1: Log into and click on register.

Step 2: Create account by filling in personal details, email address and by setting password. Once this is complete, an activation link is sent to your email account.

Step 3: Open your email and check for the activation email in the inbox or spam .Activate your AGPO account by clicking on the link sent to your email address.

Step 4: Log into the AGPO system under returning user Page using email address and the password you had set in step 2 above.

Step 5: Register business by providing information in the required fields and attach the required scanned documents.

The following procedures should be observed by the taxpayers seeking TCC.

  • Application for a Tax Compliance Certificate shall be on the prescribed form “Tax Compliance Certificate Application Form” (Form TCC1). This can be downloaded from KRA website (at http:/ or obtained from the nearest Domestic Taxes Department Station.
  • The completed TCC Application form should contain the correct Personal Identification Number (PIN). In case of limited liability companies and partnerships, the names and PIN of the Directors or Partners as the case may be, shall also be provided.
  • The completed Application Form should be submitted to the KRA station where the applicant is registered for tax purposes. An applicant who may not be conversant with his/her domicile station should seek assistance from the nearest Domestic Taxes Department Station.
  • The applicant shall ensure that all self assessment returns for tax obligations registered for are submitted and all outstanding tax liabilities settled. The same applies to directors or partners in case the applicant is a Limited Liability Company or Partnership.
  • An application should be submitted at least thirty (30) days before the intended date of use.
  • The TCCs are system generated and signed by the Station Manager, the Deputy Station Manager or the Compliance Programme Manager.

Tax compliance has become one of the major requirement for businesses to trade in Kenya. To subscribe to tenders and business opportunities, business and their directors need to be tax complaint.

A Tax Compliance Certificate shall be issued to taxpayers who are compliant with the tax obligations as per the tax laws. These obligations are:-

  • Filing of tax returns for the registered tax obligations
    Payment of the assessed taxes
    Declaring the correct income.

Before checking for your tax compliance, you must apply for it through the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). Once you apply, a number will be assigned to you that you can use to check the status of your tax compliance.

To verify or check tax compliance, KRA provides a tool called the Tax Compliance Certificate Checker which allows you to confirm the validity of a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC).

The tool can be used even by third parties to confirm the tax compliance of a business or individual.