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How to Reverse Call on Safaricom

by Biashara Kenya

Safaricom has today announced the availability of its “Reverse Call” feature enabling its more than 31 million customers to pay for calls for loved ones. The service enables a caller to transfer the cost of a call to the receiver.

Here’s how to reverse call on Safaricom -:

  1. Open the “Phone” application on your Mobile Device.
  2. Dial the number you want to call but this time add this number sign # before the number you are calling. For instance, to transfer the cost of the call to 0722000000, you will dial #0722000000.

A customer receiving a reverse call request will see the caller’s details appear on the screen as normal, but once they pick the call, they will receive a voice prompt asking them to key in “1” to accept the reverse call. The cost of the call will be equivalent to the receiver’s normal call cost.

The service is only available for on-net calls and will not be applicable for off-net, roaming and international calls.

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