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Important Things to Do On LinkedIn

by Biashara Kenya

LinkedIn is undergoing plenty of changes every now and then. It has become a very powerful platform to set up and market your business. In fact, in many ways, it is more helpful than Facebook and Twitter.

However, you need to learn what to do on LinkedIn in order to set yourself up. You simply can’t get away with carelessness because you will end up embarrassing yourself and hurting your reputation if you do so.

Here are guidelines that will help you establish yourself:

our profile is nothing short of a company brochure. The profile picture should be appropriate and all the information you put in has to be truthful. Make sure you don’t leave too many blank spaces. Your profile will cast the first impression and it is important that you ensure it lasts.
Your description should be detailed. You should go beyond copy-pasting your company description. Take a step ahead and add your insights as well so that it shows that you actually care and are aware of your position.
It is important to be a part of groups but that doesn’t mean you join every group that you see. The groups you join should be relevant your profession as well as your interests. If you join a group and see that it is not relevant or helpful, don’t hesitate to leave the group.
Joining various groups is just part one. You also have to be very active in the group. Engage in discussions and post insightful responses. Don’t post because you have to. Post because you have something relevant and useful to say.

It is okay to ask for endorsements. It is also okay to ask for testimonials. In fact, it is recommended that you ask for them so that your profile shines.
Your profile should also have meaningful videos so that people have a thorough understanding of what you can offer to them.
The project section is very useful. Use it to showcase your works. Include all the projects you completed and add the published URLs.
When you connect with someone, take the time out to add a personal message. People, especially your potential customers, will welcome the fact that you took the effort to write a personal message for them.
All the connections you make should be meaningful so that each connection brings value to your business.

LinkedIn is not a chore. It is the best way to set yourself up online. Use it to the fullest.

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LinkedIn is a valuable social media platform and can serve you better than the other options provided you add value to your profile by being precise and active. Make meaningful connections and join relevant groups to spread the word about your business and what you offer.

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