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How to Register a dot ke Country Code Top-Level Domain (.ke ccTLD)

by Biashara Kenya

If you run a business that is based in Kenya, registering a local Top Level Domain Name such as .co.ke would be the right choice for your digital and internet marketing strategy.

Definitely make sure that the .com TLD of your chosen domain name is not taken first then go on to register the extension of your Country Code Top-Level Domain.

The Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC) is the sponsoring institution for the dot ke Country Code Top-Level Domain that is divided into KE is divided into the following domain levels which serve different functions

.co.ke – for Companies
.or.ke – for Not-for-Profit-Making Organisations or NGO’s
.ne.ke – for Network Devices
.go.ke – for Government Entities(Requires Supporting Documents)
.ac.ke – for Institutions of Higher Educations.( Requires Supporting Documents)
.sc.ke – for Lower and Middle Institutes of Learning. (Requires Supporting Documents)
.me.ke – for Personal names
.mobi.ke – for Mobile content
.info.ke – for Information

KENIC does not allow the public to register the .ke domain directly with them. Instead, there are more than enough registrars who have been issued with a licence to register and resell the .ke domain.

Here are a few simple steps on how you can register a .ke domain

1. Choose a domain name and do a WHOIS search for the name to find out its availability
2. Select a registrar from our list and ask them to register the name for you
3. Pay for the domain name
4. Start using your new domain name


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