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Tips to Building a Great Branding Strategy

by Biashara Kenya

Your brand defines you. Your brand speaks of everything that you do. That is why you need an excellent branding strategy.

You can always take a cue from the giant companies such as Nike that know how to manage their brand exceptionally well.

Here are some tips that will definitely help you out:

Everyone is Responsible for Brand Management

Brand management requires everyone involved, to come together and to work on it. The responsibility doesn’t end up on the shoulders of just one person or two people. Each and every employee should understand his or her duty towards the company and ensure that customers are happy. It is your job to make your employees realize their importance and to educate them about every step so that they are aware of their role.

Core Proposition should be Clearly Defined

Your core proposition stems from brand personality, brand promise, and the traits of the company. You have to go back to the time you decided to build the company and you have to think about your goals. When you clearly understand yourself and your roles you will be able to define your core proposition such that everything down to your logo is clearly defined and showcases brand value.

Advertise Sensibly

Simply advertising to a large group of people will not take you anywhere. You have to understand your target audience and that understanding will only come from research. Ask yourself questions such as the age group your offering targets, the gender your offering targets, the locality it targets, and so on. When you research and find out your target audience you should advertise to them specifically based on their needs. That is how you will be able to strengthen your brand.

Be Consistent

Right from the word go, you have to be consistent. If you are planning on using the logo of your company in a particular way there should be clear documentation defining just that. In case you change the logo after a point of time you should make sure you refresh your offerings for the better, too, so that the change is justified. If you don’t want to change your offerings you shouldn’t touch the logo either.


Brand strategy implementation takes a lot of effort and research. When you think of coming up with a new strategy you should ask yourself whether it is necessary first. If yes, you should ask yourself how it will benefit you and why you want to go for it. Only when you have all the answers should you go ahead.

A great brand strategy comes from a lot of thought, questioning, and effort.

Entrepreneurial Learning

If you put in the effort, building a great brand strategy won’t seem very difficult. You just have to be sure about it and you should make sure the entire company is refreshed accordingly. Ask a lot of questions and do your research before making a move.

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