Western Bypass Road Construction begins Gitaru to Ruaka
Kenya National Highways Authority has embarked on the construction of the Nairobi Western Bypass that starts from Gitaru connecting to the Southern Bypass and terminates at the Ruaka connecting to the Northern Bypass.
The 16.79Km project is being undertaken by the China Road and Bridge Corporation at a cost of 17 Billion. The project is the fourth and final ring of the Nairobi Ring Roads. This project is located in Kiambu County.
Some of the activities to be undertaken during the construction include:
  • A four (4) lane Expressway with a total length of 16.79Km, 25Km service roads
  • 7 interchanges located at Gitaru, Lower Kabete, Wangige, Kihara, Ndenderu, Rumingi and Ruaka
  • Noise control barriers in all human settlement area as an enhanced environmentally- compatible modern highway.
  • Paved deviations along the construction route aimed at ensuring smooth traffic flow, reducing environmental hazards such as dust. These deviation routes shall be retained for future use by residents along this corridor.
  • Eleven (11) traffic bridges and pedestrian underpasses on the entire length
  • A steel pedestrian barrier, running at the media of the entire project length to ensure that no pedestrian crossings occur at the non-authorised areas, apart from the provided for facilities such as footpaths and underpasses.
  • A bus park at Wangige to enhance public transport efficiency and to ensure that traffic congestion and interruptions occasioned by public transport vehicles is reduced. Provision of adequate bus bays at all the major existing commercial centres and settlement areas is also provided.
  • Separate footpaths and cycle tracks as an enhanced safety feature to ensure no direct conflict between motorized traffic and road users.
In summary, the project will have a total of 126 lane kilometres which will include a dual carriageway and 7 interchanges.

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Upon completion, the road is expected to;
  • Ease traffic congestion around Nairobi City
  • Ensure rapid economic growth around the areas near the road
  • Improve safety for pedestrians and other non-motorised road users  and
  • Ensure a smooth flow of traffic
The construction and supervision of the project will take a period of 39 months connecting other bypasses i.e Nairobi Southern Bypass, Nairobi Northern Bypass and Nairobi Eastern Bypass.
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