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Hacktivists target Central Bank of Kenya Website

by Biashara Kenya

Over the weekend, hacktivists conducted distributed denial-of-service DDoS attacks on the websites of four International banks including the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

The other banks include National Bank of Panama, Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Maldives Monetary Authority.

According to Hacknews, hacktivists only referred to as Anonymous and Ghost Squad began conducting cyber attacks on banking websites worldwide over a week ago.

This particular hack is said to have been executed by Ghost Squad on Saturday morning. All of the sites are now back online, an event that might go unnoticed to most people.

CBK Website Hacked

Screenshot showing all four banks were down after the attack

The National Bank of Panama was of special interest to the hackers due to the recently leaked documents known as Panama Papers.

The operation by hacktivists is against banks and financial institutions around the world. The hacktivists believe banks are controlling the world’s economy, promoting and hiding corruption at governmental and private level.

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