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Mobius II: A Kenya made car

by Biashara Kenya
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Mobius is Kenya made car by Mobius Motors that retails at Kes 950, 000. The recent model, the Mobius II delivers 12 kms to the litre on highway driving and 10 kms to the litre in city driving.

The company designs, manufactures and sells durable, affordable vehicles for Africa’s mass market. The vehicle, that is designed for Africa’s rough terrain and off-road driving, is assembled by the Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers (KVM).

Business people would find it very useful to operate a range of services such as public transport, goods delivery or mobile medical care.

While most new off-road driving models are likely to fetch close to Kes 2 Million at the showroom, the Mobius II comes at an affordable price of Kes 950, 000.


It’s affordable but consumers in Kenya will probably miss out on extras such as air conditioning, power steering and other internal fixtures that the car manufactures have foregone, probably to keep the price low.

Mobius Motors is now taking subscriptions to place pre-orders for Mobius Two production units on their website. Once they receive a completed subscription, a member of the Mobius Sales team sends the customer a pre-order form including the bank details for your deposit payment. The deposit on a Mobius Two production unit is 50,000 KES ($500), against a total vehicle price of 950,000 KES (excluding VAT).

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