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Security features of new Kenya Bank notes

by Biashara Kenya

The Central Bank of Kenya Governor announced the unveiling of the New Generation Banknotes. Old generation one-thousand shilling banknotes will need to be exchanged by October 1, 2019, after which they cease to be legal tender.

After taking into account views received from the public, CBK adopted concepts to symbolise the drivers of a prosperous Kenya.

The front of the banknotes bear the image of Kenyatta International Conference Centre, one of the most iconic and recognisable landmarks in our country. A dove is also shown to symbolise a peaceful Kenya.

The images on the back of the banknotes symbolise green energy, agriculture, social services, tourism, and governance. The designs are also more accessible to visually impaired persons.

These banknotes will circulate alongside those previously issued and not withdrawn.

Here’s how to identify the notes.

  1. When you run your fingers over the genuine note, you should and can feel the word Kenya and the Value of the currency
  2. When you run your fingers again along the edge over the genuine note, u should feel the number of bars in tandem with the value of the currency as follows:
    a. KES 50 –    1 bar
    b. KES100 –  2 bars
    c. KES 200 – 3 bars
    d. KES 500 – 4 bars
    e. KES 1000-5 bars
  3. When you hold your genuine note to the light and from both sides, you should see the watermarks of a perfect lion’s head, text CBK and the value of the banknote
  4. Security thread of a genuine banknote appears as a continuous line.
  5. If you tilt your bank note at an angle , the security thread changes from Red to Green.
  6. For KES 200, 500, 1000 there is an additional Rainbow color.

View the New Generation Banknotes Pamphlet here.


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