Online Consultation Websites for Business Registration

With the following online business consultation websites, the hassle of registering businesses and companies in Kenya is easy and flawless.

From filling in the forms to attaining KRA VAT and Pin, the services you get from these businesses will hasten and full proof the process of getting started with a business in Kenya.

Deal Poa is probably one of the most forthwith online registration website supported by valuable content on various aspects of registering and running a business in Kenya. For the registration of a company, this will cost you between Ksh.20000 and Ksh. 35000 depending on your prefered package.

More of their services include, Business Name, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Company, KRA PIN & VAT, Tax Compliance Certificate and AGPO Tender Certificate. (INCORPORATOR)

A brain child of Genius Executives, the company that popularized the renting of furnished and serviced office workstations, INCORPORATOR provides individuals and business owners the tools required to quickly and easily comply with government procedures and regulations.

This includes investments certificates from the Kenya Investment Authority to fast track business project implementation.

Biz Brokers Kenya

Biz Brokers Kenya like other online Business Consultation firms will help you get your ideas off the ground by helping set up a business or company. Based on their support and compliance services, they will also likely walk with your company through its life.

Led by a team of business consultants, formAKenyanCompany will help you all way in registering a business in Kenya. One of their unique product offerings includes Trademark Registration for KES. 35,000 with a validity of 10 years.

Also recently, Kenya’s leading mobile telecom Safaricom signed a US$175,000 deal with the Kenya State Law office to develop a tool that would allow applicants to use their mobile phones for registry. It will be interesting to see what the developments of this project will be in the coming months.

May 3, 2014 6:29 am