Be a smart buyer, avoid fraudsters

Following the appearance of an article in one of the local dailies about fraudsters targeting popular classified websites, it is our duty also to send out a message of caution to our users.

The nature of classifieds is such that any person with an internet connection and with intention to sell a product or service can do so within minutes of signing up.

While classified websites including do their best to moderate and regulate advertisements, it would be difficult to detect fraudsters whose intention is well disguised and malicious towards buyers.

For this reason, it is your role as a user or buyer subscribing to a product or service advertised to ensure that you verify the credibility of the seller before sending them any money.

Some fraudsters will even go to the extent of using force when there is a physical meeting. Ensure that you do not expose yourself to such intentions. Beware!

Daily, we take time to moderate each advertisement to ensure that the audience and target market is right. We believe in empowering businesses in Kenya with tools that can help them grow their businesses. Thus, such dubious acts are against every business ethic and will not be tolerated among platform users.

Please feel free to report any fraudulent activities by emailing us at into(at) Jisort na Biashara.

April 15, 2014 2:46 pm